Tales of Scarborians

‘In a Sea of Stories, Find the Right One to Tell, and the Right Way to Tell It.’

~ Richard Linklater

“Sea bathing, or any cold bathing must now be delicious for never did I feel hotter Weather.

A dip in the Sea at seven o’clock this morning. I am sure I shall find great benefit from it, as I felt so well & had so fine a glow when I came out of the water, which they tell me is a sure sign of its agreeing with the Constitution.

I like this place exceedingly & shall leave it with regret, tho’ not for the sake of the society.”

~ Judith Noel Lady Milbanke née Wentworth (1751-1822)

In Which The Lady Takes to the Sea.

“There is little company here, the handsome Countess stayed but two days… little good fish here and very deare.

I have heard much of the agreeableness of Scarborough but think it a very dull place.”

~ The Right Honorable Lady Mary Eyre née Belasyse (1736-1804)

For the Want of Cheap Fish?